Buliding an age of infinite possibillities

Making the most of advanced microwave technology,we supply our customers with leadeing-edge products from antennas through to system matched to their specific requirements.Company employees, both young and talented and the more experienced, actively tackle the task of developing new products.


A full line-up of microwave components including filters, dividers, switches, attenuators, and phase adjustors.

FiltersThese components select electric signals according to the frequency. A wide range of types are available, including spatial resonant types (e.g. COM line and inter-digital) and concentrated constant types with built-in LCs.

High-power Waveguide Isolators CirculatorsThese components change the direction that microwaves are transmitted. They are used in food or wood drying and semiconductor wafer cleaning equipment, and protect and stabilize oscillators.

SwitchesThese components divide and select microwaves. Various switches are available, such as switches incorporating semiconductors and switches supporting a different number of I/O ports and control methods.

Drop-in IsolatorsThese isolators can be mounted directly on circuit boards, and help downsize modules.Coaxial Circulators / IsolatorsThese components can be connected by connectors, and are used for protecting and stabilizing transceiver antenna sharers and amplifiers.

Waveguide Circulators/IsolatorsThese components can be connected to waveguide circulators and own-brand ferrite waveguide circuits, and are used for protecting and stabilizing amplifiers in communication systems and duplexers in radar/antenna systems. The ferrite materials used in these components are all made in house.

Dividers, Combiners, CouplersThese components divide and combine microwaves. Also available are couplers with unequal and odd-numbered distribution, and high-power couplers.